Whenever we have a customer who’s boiler is broken down we always hear the same question. Is it worth fixing or should I replace it? Whenever I hear this question my answer is always the same. It depends. It depends on a few things but what most people want to know is that ultimately they make the right decision based on my professional opinion. The last thing you want to do is be misled by a person you trust to provide a professional service. So without wasting any time let’s look at what should be considered before fixing your boiler.

The age of your boiler

An old boiler may have run well for years but every workhorse gets to the stage where it starts to struggle. Years and years of constant use can cause tremendous wear on boilers and although it may not have had any issues in the past, a breakdown could be the first of many. If your boiler is around 10 years old then chances are high that if it hasn’t given you many problems in the past, it may be about to cost you some serious money in repairs.

Younger boilers don’t tend to have as many issues so if you are faced with a newer boiler that needs repaired it must just be down to bad luck. Your boiler should come with a guarantee of at least 2 years. If your boiler has to have replacement parts fitted within this time the manufacturer will cover this as this is the minimum expected lifespan a maintained appliance. Regularly serviced boilers can go years without needing replacement parts and an early breakdown doesn’t necessarily forecast years of issues ahead. Overall I would encourage you to consider repairing a younger boiler before spending big money to fix an old well used one.

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Repair cost

Another common question people ask when their boiler breaks down is how much it will cost to get it up and running. The immediate answer is I’m not sure but I’ll have a better idea once I know what the problem is. Kit all repairs will cost the same to fix just as with car repairs, a heating engineer will need to determine firstly what the issue is and then what is needed to get that issue resolved.

Generally speaking, older boilers are more expensive to fix. This is down to more expensive components as after 10 years of production they will no longer make parts for an old boiler. The scarcer the spares, the higher the cost. Newer Combi’s have well made components and shouldn’t break down if well maintained so should cost less to fix as parts are more widely available and cheaper. If your boiler is newer but you still find yourself with an expensive repair then don’t worry. An expensive repair is cheaper than a new boiler and may be the only money you spend fixing it for years to come until it’s time to replace it.


This may be the most important factor to consider when your boiler breaks down as it may save you a lot of money in the future. Is your boiler in good condition or bad condition. You may think because you have a new high efficiency combi that it is worth spending a few hundred pounds to get it up and running but if it hasn’t been looked after then you may be better spending that money on a replacement, it may be a better investment. It’s important to realise that old or new your not going to waste money on something that’s not going to be cost effective in the long run. It may be due to poor maintenance or external factors like rust but whatever the age it’s your engineer’s job to tell you when it’s just not worth wasting your money.

Recently, I had a customer with a 7 year old heat only boiler that had broken down with a PCB fault. With a PCB fault there’s always a possibility that there has been another issue causing a problem that has ended up damaging the board. I explained this to my customer and that she may want to consider a new boiler but she decided a repair was what she wanted. I changed the PCB and we found another problem. Not only had she just replaced a major component of the boiler but her fan was completely gone and needed replaced. Not wanting her first repair to be a waste of money she decided to replace the fan against my advice. This went on until 4 components and nearly £600 later the boiler was finally fixed. She spent nearly half of the cost of a boiler replacement on repairing a 7 year old boiler that has no warranty! I’m not saying she was wrong to fix it but there is no guarantee that something else won’t go wrong next year and it costs even more. This is when you should stop thinking about the short term and start thinking whether or not your choices now will benefit you further down the line.

Words of wisdom

Finding out that your boiler has broken down is a stressful situation but don’t make it more so by getting the wrong people in to look at it. There are very few plumbers in Edinburgh capable of Diagnosing and fixing these types of problems. This is where you really have to employ a heating engineer. Make sure you listen to their advise, they know best. Try not to make emotional decisions that aren’t going to benefit you long term.

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